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JULY 20, 2019

Norwegian Creative Studios, and Lisa Campbell Casting are currently accepting appointment requests for the upcoming Sydney audition. To be considered, please send your headshot and resume, along with any videos that best show off your vocal ability to:

Subject Line MUST read: VELVET SYDNEY.

Casting Specialist, NCLH: Brian Baéz


Velvet is a nightclub and a state of mind – a fantasy. Inspired by Studio 54, a club famous for its wild parties and hedonism but also for its culture of acceptance – blind to colour, creed, class, gender, size, shape, sexuality. Velvet is a celebration of that freedom.


DJ (singer/percussionist) Role Gender: Male Role Description: An enigmatic ringmaster type who acts as a musical guide for us throughout the night. Humorous, charming, cool. Vocal Range: Baritone with the ability to sing lead vocals and harmonies. Percussion skills a bonus. [LEAD]

Country Mike (male lead vocalist) Role Gender: Male Age Range: 18 - 30 Role Description: An endearing young man drawn into the glamorous world that is Velvet. He is the agent of change in the piece. We need the innocent quality but also the flamboyant. We care for him deeply and cheer his transformation when it arrives. Vocal Range: Tenor with the ability to sing lead vocals, duets and harmonies. Pop sensibility with flexibility in disco and soul genres plus some backing vocals. [LEAD] Instrument: Basic Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele skills preferred, not essential.

The Sirens (back-up singer/dancers) Role Gender: Female Role Description: Two gorgeous sexy young women who lure Country Mike into Velvet and encourage him to head further into the night. Rarely off the stage these “back-up singers” deliver a showstopper all by themselves midway through the night. Great skill, huge workload. Vocal Range: Alto – Soprano, with the ability to sing lead and background vocals including harmonies and potential to belt high solo numbers and vocal lines. References include The Emotions, The Weather Girls, Labelle. [SUPPORTING]

Must be 18 years old to apply.