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March 21, 2020

Hosted by BYU Music Dance Theatre
2206 RB
15 Fieldhouse Dr.
Provo, UT 84604
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We strive to select cast members who are not only talented performers, but who also embody the high standard of service that defines Norwegian Cruise Line’s Entertainment Division. All cast members must be personable, outgoing, self-motivated, and someone who thrives in a social environment when with our guests.

Please Know, all cast members:


We are seeking exceptional, versatile dancers with strong technique and experience in multiple dance styles. Females (5’2” – 5’10”) should have a lean/fit silhouette. Males (5’9” – 6’4”) should have a strong, muscular physique; able to perform shirtless on stage when required. All dancers must have outstanding performance quality and stage presence. Gymnastics, aerial training, tumbling & partnering skills are a plus!

  1. Overhead Lifts
  2. Multiple ballroom styles that showcase you best as a couple.
  3. Any unique tricks that make your couple standout! 

 Individual Dancers without a partner will not be permitted to audition during the Dance Couple audition. Solo dancers may attend the open dance call posted on our website.

Must by 18 years or older to apply.